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Patient Retention Specialist

Job Code: 492
Program/Department: Medical Care Coordination (MCC)
Reports To: Program Coordinator
Salary Range: Staring salary based on experience, qualification, and budget. (100% time – 40 hours per week) Non-exempt.

Position Purpose: To assist the Medical Care Coordination staff, in linking and retaining patients in HIV case management and medical care.  The Patient Retention Specialist (PRS) is the primary responsible team member of the MCC program to reengage, link, and navigating people living with HIV into medical care.  The PRS will be an integral part of the MCC team by assisting in finding patients that have been lost to follow-up.

Principal Responsibilities:

  1. Creates liaisons with HIV testing sites; Transitional Case Managers in the jails; Case Managers in Recuperative Care; Social Workers in Hospital Emergency Rooms; Case Managers at Shelters and Single Room Occupancy (SRO) programs; Substance Abuse Counselors; and other medical providers in Los Angeles County;
  2. Conducts comprehensive assessment of patient contact information, emergency contact, and areas for locating
  3. Link and re-engage people living with HIV into medical care and MCC;
  4. Navigate people living with HIV into medical care and other ancillary services;
  5. Performs data entry activities in DHSP’s data management system and in the population health;
  6. Participates as a member of the health care team in case conferencing ;
  7. Builds rapport with patients to obtain information about home environment, family relationships, and personality traits that may have a bearing on the patient's illness, treatment and recovery;
  8. Assists MCC team in addressing socioeconomic needs that impact the patient’s ability to access and adhere to HIV care and treatment, and coordinates reengagement to MCC;
  9. Provides referrals to patient as needed;
  10. Utilizes electronic medical record to track patient adherence to medical appointments and obtain basic client data to locate and re-link to care;
  11. Assists with patient file documentation regarding attempts to locate, results, and patient monitoring activities;
  12. Maintains accurate patient files for continuous quality management reviews by DHSP
  13. Other duties as assigned


  1. Two years of experience in a health care setting.
  2. Evidence of recent education in HIV/AIDS related health services.
  3. Must have a valid driver’s license and vehicle


  1. Bilingual (English/Spanish) ability.
  2. Have six (6) months of experience working in a clinical setting;
  3. Have good interpersonal skills and ability to work well as a team with other members of the clinical and case management team;
  4. Able to research, identify, and access community referrals;
  5. Understand patient confidentiality and legal consequences of failure to abide;
  6. Good verbal and written communication skills;
  7. Computer literate.
  8. Knowledge of substance use, homelessness and mental illness, and other issues affecting client population;
  9. Organized, able to maintain client files, charts, and referral results;
  10. Basic computer skills, knowledge of word processing, data entry, and use of Internet and Internet research;
  11. Strong quality management skills, ensure compliance with all guidelines and regulations; and

To apply, please fax or email resume or list of qualifications including the job code number to:

JWCH Institute, Inc.
5650 Jillson St.
Commerce, CA 90040
Attn: Human Resources Department
Job Code:  492
Fax Number (323) 215-0170
E-Mail cespinoza

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