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Credentialing Coordinator

Job Code: 557
Program/Department: Administration
Reports To: 
Chief Administrative Officer
Salary Range: Staring salary based on experience, qualification, and budget. (100% time – 40 hours per week)  Non-exempt.

Position Purpose: The Credentialing Coordinator is responsible for assisting with the administrative duties related to specific categories of certification, including certification endorsements, certification renewals, and certification examinations. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency/institution policy. The credentialing coordinator is responsible for organizing, maintaining, and verifying all aspects of the credentialing process for healthcare practitioners in a health care-related facility. The credentialing coordinator prepares documents for review and approval by the credentialing committee.

Overview of Responsibilities:

  1. credentialing coordinator is in charge of communicating with provider, credentialing committee, clinic administrators, and IPA/health plans to maintain up-to-date files on physicians, midlevels, technicians, and nurses.
  2. Coordinates procedure for appointing providers to all health centers. This procedure includes collection, verification, and presentation of the provider’s references, credentials, etc. to appropriate health centers for review and action.
  3. Processes applications for examination and certification, reviews correspondence from applicants, schools, and employers, and responds to telephone inquiries related to examinations and/or certification.
  4. Maintains computerized database records related to membership, applicants, continuing education, examinations, certification, discipline, and certification revocation.
  5. Responds to written inquiries through correspondence and/or email, and provides information regarding certification status.
  6. Attends, records, transcribes, and maintains minutes of committee meetings.
  7. Verifies certification for other state agencies, as needed.
  8. Creates, updates, and maintains educational brochures and other certification materials.
  9. Provides basic orientation of new employees.
    1. Collection of copies any licenses, insurance, and renewal dates, if applicable.
  10. Maintains personnel, independent contractor, and medical files, including data entry management and filing.
  11. Provide verbal and written support information for supervisors.
  12. Performs other duties, as applicable.


  1. The formal education equivalent of a high school diploma; plus one year of administrative office experience.
  2. Experience coordinating personnel functions.
  3. Experience handling and maintaining the security of confidential documents.
  4. Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  5. Must be able to travel to different sites

To apply, please fax or email resume or list of qualifications including the job code number to:

JWCH Institute, Inc.
5650 Jillson St.
Commerce, CA 90040
Attn: Human Resources Department
Job Code: 557
Fax Number (323) 215-0170
E-Mail hresources@jwchinstitute.org

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