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Intake Coordinator

Job Code: 588
Location: Los Angeles
Program/Department: DMC Substance Abuse Programs
Reports To: Program Director
Salary Range: Staring salary based on experience, qualification, and budget. (100% time – 40 hours per week)
FLSA Status: Exempt

Position Purpose: The Intake Coordinator oversees and manages the intake assessment of clients for residential and outpatient services. Responsible for maintaining a high standard of care; within the Substance Abuse and Prevention Control (SAPC) and Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) program design.  The Coordinator upholds the JWCH mission to improve the health status and wellbeing of under-served segments of the population of Los Angeles County.

Principal Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct intake assessment of clients for residential treatment services.
  2. Screen calls for and schedule intake appointments.
  3. Interview client and/or care team, family members to determine admission eligibility.
  4. Follow up with all referral sources that include SAPC, SASH, CASCS, DPSS eligibility workers, doctors, psychiatrists and others.
  5. Establish new community based organization relations for referrals
  6. Make recommendations to the treatment staff team for a client’s admission.
  7. Develop a thorough, written diagnostic assessment that includes client’s addiction history, family history, mental health history, history of violence, and medical health history.
  8. Schedule on going sessions with client upon the first week of intake.
  9. Prepare a client needs assessment for treatment team
  10. Coordinate and schedule appointments for the first weeks of treatment to be in compliance with program guidelines
  11. Develop and write up a comprehensive initial case management plan
  12. Present and read Client Orientation Packet with client on intake and weekly for the first month
  13. Coordinate with Lead Support Staff for New Client Orientation Meeting and Visitor Orientation
  14. Complete and review intake packet with treatment staff at weekly case review
  15. Coordinate planning and seeking referrals for client’s transfer or termination.
  16. Maintain documentation on all applicants for residential treatment in accordance with Federal, State, County, and agency guidelines.
  17. Maintain Master File Index on all active and inactive clients
  18. Oversee the development and maintain an on-going list of community resources for referrals and linkages
  19. Completes intake paperwork and scans/upload documents to Electronic Health Recording
  20. Participate in quality assurance of the program in conjunction with the Substance Abuse Manager and Director of Behavioral Health Programs
  21. Ensure organization’s adherence to all state, county and federal treatment standards and regulations
  22. Monitor the program and clients for safety, quality and zero tolerance to the presence of drugs and alcohol in or around the program and premises
  23. Provide reports on contract compliance activities and program outcomes
  24. Attend seminars, conferences, and trainings relative to substance abuse and trauma informed treatment and skills necessary for a position of leadership
  25. Maintain an evidenced based clinical program in conjunction with Clinical Manager and Director of Behavioral Health Programs
  26. Other duties as assigned


  1. Three years’ experience working in the field of substance abuse and mental health
  2. Two years experience as an Intake Coordinator in addiction treatment
  3. Certified Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counselor: Must be certified by one of the agencies accredited by the NCCA and recognized by DHCS, which include CADTP and CCAPP; and who must adhere to all requirements of the California Code of Regulations, Title 9, Chapter 8 and Title 9.
  4. Experience in Drug Medi-Cal residential treatment preferred
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology or Business Administration, preferred
  6. Bilingual capabilities in English and Spanish preferred
  7. Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  8. Perform multiple tasks while demonstrating the ability to work within a team construct
  9. Proficient in Electronic Health Recording Systems
  10. Demonstrated ability to work independently and follow through on projects
  11. Demonstrated experience selecting, developing and coordinating a work team
  12. Excellent documentation, oral and written communication skills
  13. Exceptional organizational skills
  14. Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office Programs)
  15. Valid California Driver’s License and proof of insurance
  16. Must have reliable transportation
  17. Must be insurable

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