Homeless Health Care

Wesley is one of the largest homeless health care providers in Los Angeles County and provides specialized care and programming aimed at caring for the unique needs of our patients experiencing homelessness.

We provide these services at our dedicated one-stop-shop homeless health care clinics, mini-clinics co-located within housing, at our recuperative care facilities, and through our innovative street medicine program which travels beyond the traditional clinic walls to deliver care right where our patients need it.

Our homeless health locations are friendly and welcoming and offer patients access to the full suite of comprehensive health care services as well as specialized services such as food pantry, shower facilities, mail room, housing navigation, among others.

Recuperative Care Program

The Recuperative Care programs provides bed space for 236 patients. Patients must be homeless, have an acute medical condition, and medically and physically stable. This respite program provides medical care, case management, personal care, 3 meals per day, access to long-term housing resources and placement, and reunification services for clients who have fallen out of touch with their family or support network. Wesley also provides these patients with transportation to and from medical visits and to specialists and other social services agencies in the County.

In addition to the nursing care available in Recuperative Care, the Weingart Center and Bell Shelter sites that house the program offer many other services to help break the cycle of homelessness, including housing placement, substance abuse treatment, health education, and counseling services.

What is the purpose of the Recuperative Care Program?

After release from the hospital, most individuals still need time to recover.  They may have broken bones that need to mend, dressings that need to be changed, or medications to complete.  Some just need rest and to rebuild their strength.

Homelessness can considerably hamper recovery. Inadequate meals, lack of clean facilities, and inability to maintain a schedule are all factors that can turn manageable conditions into life-threatening emergencies.  Homeless patients, after release back to the streets, often return to emergency rooms and must be re-admitted to hospitals. In an attempt to prevent these returns, many hospitals delay release of homeless patients for several days beyond what the standard of care normally requires.

Daily Cost at Recup: $225-$300 vs. $1,900-$3,000 for Hospitalization, the JWCH Recuperative Care program is able to provide an appropriate environment for recovery at a fraction of that cost.  Patients who have the opportunity to fully recover are more likely to follow aftercare instructions, and are less likely to need rehospitalization in the near future.

Who is eligible?

In order to be admitted to the Recuperative Care program, a patient must:

Be homeless

Have an acute medical illness

Be continent

Be ambulatory

Be independent in the Activites of Daily Living and medication administration

Not require IV lines, foley catheter or oxygen

Be willing to see an LVN or Registered Nurse every day and comply with medical recommendations

Be medically and psychiatrically stable enough to receive care in our Recuperative Care facility; patient must not be suicidal or homicidal

Have a condition with an identifiable end point of care for discharge

Have questions or need assistance?

If you have any questions about our services, costs or availability, please call our Appointment Center hotline at: 1-866-733-5924.
For a life threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the closest Emergency Department.

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