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Choir Attracts Singers From LA’s Skid Row

When they’re not in rehearsal, some of the Colburn Wesley Project singers live on the streets of Los Angeles. The unlikely choir will be performing through this holiday season.

On Christmas Eve, 2014, the Wesley Colburn Singers were featured in this NPR interview.

The Wesley Colburn Singers on Skidrow

Composed of artists and performers from the Skid Row neighborhood in Downtown Los Angeles, this project was jointly birthed by The Colburn School and Wesley Health Centers (JWCH Institute) to bring music, health & well-being, and community to one of the largest homeless neighborhood in the United States.  The therapeutic benefits  (physiological, mental, and social) of music and singing is well documented…the Wesley Colburn Singers serves as a “bridge” to the Wesley’s health and wellness services for our homeless.

Read the full article and see the video here.

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